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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, BiomerTechnology has been providing reliable and quality peptide services to today’s scientific community. Through years of experience and developments, we are one of the leading experts in making challenging and modified peptides. From dimers to complex beta amyloids, from simple acetylation to tricky farnesylation, our peptide experts can tailor made virtually any type of peptides.

We offer unique advantages to our customers where we are able to attach our PepDyes to practically any sequences. Whether it is a FITC labeled probe or a FRET study using doner/quencher pairs (i.e. EDANS/DABCYL, Coumarin/DNP), our experience insures highest possible success of incorporating designer dyes to peptides.

Please visit our Peptide Modification Page and PepDyes to view a partial listing of our services, or to contact us at for immediate response.

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