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In general, successful imunogenic molecules have molecular weight greater than 5K Da. Most synthetic peptides are too small to elicit an immunogenic response when injected in to host animal. To over come this, peptides are conjugate to a carrier protein such as KLH to ensure an immune response. Additionally, we also offer MAP system to enhance immune response. MAP is consisted of a poly-lys core. Often this is used in place of carrier proteins such as KLH to elicit antibody responses.

Animals produce a stronger immune response to molecules that are more foreign; therefore, wide selections of animals are available to produce best antigenic activity such as rabbits, chickens, and goats.

Antigen or Epitope Selection BiomerTechnology provide free antigen design consultation to our customers. The success of a synthetic antigen (peptides) depends on various factors, and we take all these factor into great consideration with:

  • Length of Propose Antigenic Sequence
  • Location of Epitope
  • Hydrophilicity of the Sequence

Our Quality Guarantee:
If our antibody does not recognize our selection of antigen, the project is restarted free of charge.

Our Services—One Step Solution

We provide a customized solution to your antibody needs, and all we need to is a NCBI accession number or a protein sequence. Here is what we will do for you…

  • Antigenic sequence recommendations
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Carrier Protein Conjugation
  • Immunization
  • Boostings—additional antigen injections
  • Productions Bleeds
  • ELISA (optional)
  • Affinity Purification (optional)
  • Western Blot (optional)

We also offer a phoshpho-antibody package that will provide you with phospho specific serum.

Our special package includes purified peptides and serum
  • Paired Peptide Synthesis—phospho and non-phospho peptides.
  • KLH conjugation
  • 2 rabbits
  • Affinity Purification of 25 ml serum.
  • Guarantee titer

What We Need to Get Your Antibody Going…

Please e mail us one of the following info:

  • NCBI Accession Number
  • Protein Sequence
  • Peptide Sequence

If antigens are shipped directly to us, please contact us at for instruction.

Upon receiving this info, our antibody service team will provide you with free epitope recommendations followed by a quotation.

Received your antibody and need storage and handling info.

Contact Us Received your order? Ready to order? Need customized solution?

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