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  • Peptides can degrade if stored at room temperature for extended periods of time or if frozen and thawed repeatedly.
  • We recommend that the received peptide be separated into useable aliquots.
  • Peptides should be stored in a –20° C freezer for storage up to a month. Peptides that may require storage for longer than a month should be kept in a –80° freezer. To minimize hydroscopic effects, allow the peptides to return to room temperature before exposure to air and use.
  • Peptide contains cysteine, tryptophan, or methionine are prone to oxidation. Oxygne rich solvent should be avoided.
  • Most peptides can be resuspended in distilled, degassed water with sonication. If the peptide cannot be resuspended in water, other common options to consider are acetonitrile ( ACN), alcohols (methanol or propanol), dimethylformamide (DMF), and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO).
  • Dilute acetic acid and/or dilute ammonium hydroxide. If the over peptide charge is basic (more R, K, or H than D or E), adding acetic acid will likely clear up cloudy resuspension. If the over all peptide charge is acidic (more D or E than R, K, or H), adding ammonium hydroxide will aid resuspension—except when Cys’s are present where this combination might cause polymerization. In such case, ACN or DMF should be tried first. Please note ACN and DMF might cause adverse effects to cellular experiments.
  • Peptides are provided as powder in gross weight.


  • For short-term storage of the working antibody or of serum that has recently arrived, 2-3 weeks at 4°C is recommended. For long-term storage, we recommend storing the serum vials at -20°C, which is sufficient for several years. Storage at -80°C is fine also, but not necessary except for very long periods of time. The purified antibody should be aliquoted into working quantities and stored according to the guidelines above. The biggest threat to antibody stability is repeated freeze/thaw cycles. To avoid this, we recommend storing ready-to-use aliquots of the antibody and thawing aliquots only as they are needed.

  • Our special package includes purified peptides and serum
    • Paired Peptide Synthesis—phospho and non-phospho peptides.
    • KLH conjugation
    • 2 rabbits
    • ELISA
    • Affinity Purification of 25 ml serum.
    • Guarantee titer

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